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Bluetooth Sports Binaural Earbuds & Charging Case


May 2, 2023


Already great pair of headphones arrived ahead of time and also connected to Bluetooth quickly, exceptional design and sound quality is very impressive and the battery life. Great quality in sound and keeping ambient noise out, I really like that they stay in place with the over-the-ear clip. Love the case it came in. And was easy to use the buttons on the earpiece but can't get over this sound quality it's like i have my own dj set in my ears, quality is EXCELLENT and PRICE was worth the money, really recommend these headphones.242 to the world (BAHAMAS)

May 1, 2023

Great quality earbuds

I'm actually very impressed. Most earbuds fall out of my ears any time I turn my head. I purchased these with the hopes that the ear hook would resolve that issue, and it did! Also, the ear bud just fits perfectly without the hook. Sound quality is as good as it could possibly be for the price and I am overall very happy with this purchase! I reach for these way more than my $150 JBL earbuds.. that should tell you enough.

April 27, 2023

Great earbuds

I'm really enjoying these earbuds. They fit well, they have a nice sounds and I appreciate how you can just choose to use one at a time. The only real issue I have with them is that multifunction button on each earbud requires more pressure than I like. It feel like I'm trying to force them deep into my ear when I use them. So I don't. I control everything through my phone. Problem solved. If I could give half stars these would be 4.5 stars instead of 4.

April 25, 2023

Good Design

The over the ear design is great to help them keep on your ear. I originally got them for under my helmet while riding my motorcycle. Unfortunately they don't quite fit for this, but they're decent for general listening. The sound quality is better than expected for this price point. It's great to have a physical button controls on the earbuds. My old pair would start and stop accidentally with the touch controls, so I think this is a better option. Overall, they're worth it, I'd buy them again.

April 22, 2023

I may have received a lemon?

I gave these a three because they have more pros than cons. I think the con has to be because the pair I received must have been a lemon. I'm not a sound snob or a headphone connoisseur. All earbuds bother me after a while, even the super expensive ones. I ONLY use earbuds to run, 4-5 times a week for 45min to 1 hour. That's it. I lost my super expensive Bose earbuds, and then I lost my also expensive Beats. So I decided to just buy something cheap since I seem to lose earbuds all the time. I researched a lot, and these ones had so many great reviews and such an amazing price I had to try them. These were the pros: First, they are VERY comfortable. Seriously, super soft on the ear, much better than my pricier earbuds. Second, they are adorable, I got the pink ones and love the look of them. Third, the sound is fine for me, yes, definitely not good as better earbuds, but I could hear my music when running, even on a treadmill in my home gym where there is a bit of a loud echo with each stride I take. Fourth, they stay securely on my ear, they don't budge. Fifth, they withstand sweat no problem. Here are the cons, which are big ones. First, they often don't turn off when they are in the charger. They are supposed to turn off automatically, but stay connected to my phone, and continue to play music when connected to the charging pod. This means that often I would grab them to run and they would not be charged. Second, they would disconnect from my phone mid run all the time, which sucks, because who wants to be worrying about reestablishing a connection in the middle of a run? So I'm returning them. They would have been perfect for my needs except for the connection/charging issues.

April 14, 2023

Nice earphones, good battery life. Micro USB. Single button though.

Its a nice set of earphones. Very secure. Good battery life. Nice long case battery life. And criticisms are my own preferences. Sound range is 20-20,000...30K would sound better. My main complaint would be there is only a single button on each ear bud, so to use the skip or volume, you would need both in. Well if you only skip forward you could get by with one. I usually just use one earbud at a time. If you use 2 theres no problem. I intended to get a USB-C version to match my fault, but its fine. Since the case will allow you to rarely charge it, its not an inconvenience, theres usually a micro USB cord available. Definitely worth it.

April 13, 2023

Long-lasting battery and long distance blue tooth

I lost my previous blue tooth earbud. It was a kind of earplug. So I want to buy one that can be held by my ear so it won't be lost so easily. I bought these headphones last month. It has never disappointed me. Its battery is so good that it can be continuously used for at least 6-7 hours. It also has a long range of blue tooth connections. I often left my phone at the corner of the first floor and went upstairs or to the garage to do something. It's not a problem at all. Also, I like the feature of an ear loop so that I can hang it on my ears. In this way, I am not concerned about losing it even when I am running or jumping.

M. Chavez
April 13, 2023

Worth the money

I like everything about these earbuds , I‘be had them over a year now, the sound quality is great, they can be used with the ear holder or without, easy to use buttons & the noise cancellation is good too. I don’t turn the volume all the way cuz I’ll loose my hearing. Can’t beat them for the price. I got another pair different company just to compare the two. NO comparison, the Apexx won ! Only thing I would like for them is to make them in different colors. People get mad at me cuz I don’t answer them when they’re talking to me, they don’t see that I have my black earbuds in. Oh well ! My head is lost in my music. Enjoy

Joyce Allen
April 8, 2023

Long lasting

I bought these for me, I wasn't sure I would like the over the ear part but wanted headphones that weren't falling out when I was moving around. I listen to a lot of audio books! I have loved them for 11 months, this morning I was so disappointed when they didn't work. Turns out my charger cord has crapped out, using a different cord worked! I have bounced the charging box on the floor so many times, one time an earbud attached itself to the bottom of my recliner after it flew out. The tip of the earbud comes off sometimes, I have always found it though, usually in my ear, sometimes in my bra (back up storage if I forget the charger box). I don't use them for phone calls, no one can hear me, they do exactly what I wanted them for though0pl I think I may order a back up set, another in pink as my son won't wear them!

April 6, 2023

These are the best water resistant headphones for a very important reason

Before I got these push-button headphones, I got the touch-button ones. I DO NOT recommend touch button headphones for water! Touch sensitive technology reacts to water, so the touch headphones kept turning off, changing volume, and even fast forwarding to the next video whenever water touched them. It was SO annoying! I returned the touch headphones for these push-button ones. THESE ARE MUCH BETTER! They have the same sound quality, and water doesn't change the settings! I got these for my use at the spa. These come into the shower, steam room and hot tub with me. I don't submerge them, of course. They are performing very well! I prefer to use my phone to control the volume and play/pause, so I don't push the buttons at all once these are in my ears. They turn on and connect automatically as soon as I take them out of their carry case/battery pack. Many complained that the push button is hard to push without driving the earphone deeper into your ear. There is an easy solution. When you're pushing the buttons, press UP towards the ceiling. This will hold the earbud against the bone on your head and the earbud will smoosh against the bone and not go deeper into your ear. I love the three choices of earbud size, and the two choices for earhook size. II have very small ear canals and use the smallest size earbud covers. I prefer to use the over-ear hooks, as sometimes these fall out of my ear and I don't want to drop them in the hot tub. 'm not entirely sure, but I feel like the gray earhooks are smaller than the neon green ones. I prefer the neon green color, but I have to use the gray or the earbuds tend to hang out of my ears. The little rubber ring (to use instead of the ear hooks) gets uncomfortable after a while. The little "wing" of that part presses into my ear curvature and eventually it will start to hurt. The sound quality is good, as my youtube videos vary in volume, and these get loud enough to hear over the very large whirlpool jets in the huge 20 person hot tub. They seal my ears very well, and I don't really have problems with drips trickling in my ears. If I do, I'll switch out the small size earholes for the medium size, as I think they might plug my ears better. I like the push my earphones deep into my ears though, and I can only do that with the small size. The battery pack is GREAT! I sometimes only put one earbud in at a time, and the other one is charging. I can switch them when the one in my ear gets low on power. The freshly charged earbud connects automatically with its mate once it's out of the case. (So, take the fresh earbud out before you put the dead earbud back). I love that I can travel with these and charge them in their case. It saves having extra cords/worrying about earphone charge during long flights. The little magnet to snap them in place is *chef's kiss* wonderful. I really like little touches like that. Overall, I like these, especially for the price!! FIVE STARS! The best for frustration free water activity!