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iPad 10.9 2022 Touch Magnetic Bluetooth Keyboard Sleeve Case


April 24, 2023

Okay product

It’s an ok product that does what it’s meant to do, but I was there was an option to plug in a mouse and that it had a cursor board.

March 15, 2023

Great Tool! There are pros and cons.

This procase and keyboard are great! Great feel, easy to carry, and looks great in school and/or office setting. The bluetooth connectivity lags (just a bit), but not enough to annoy me. It's sturdy, but light in your hands, and it's a great fit for the 10.9 inch, iPad 10th Gen. I'm a former football player with rather large hands, but I'm still able to type 50 wpm on this keyboard....Again, you might notice a little lag in blutooth connectivitiy when you start to type after letting it sit for a few mins. but once it gets going, it absolutely fine - Love it!!! Get it!!

March 14, 2023

Works great!

Works great. I use it for work and it’s so much easier then a complete

Schirra M Finn
March 10, 2023

Good purchase

It worth the cost. Worked for me.

Linda McCutcheon
March 5, 2023

Time will Tell

I purchased a brand new iPad and at the Apple store they said that a cover and keyboard would cost $249. I decided against that and thought I’d check on Amazon. Good decision - I purchased this item for under $30 - so far I like it but I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up but I’m glad I didn’t pay $249!

Jesus m cantu
February 24, 2023


Decent case to carry the ipad and keyboard. Not the sturdiest around but it works for me.

January 10, 2023

Must buy

Extremely useful and easy to use. Must buy!

Frances R
January 6, 2023

No complaint

My daughter seems to be happy with it. No complaints so not hearing any is a great sign. I like that you can remove the keyboard. She doesn’t use it and removed. She does play Roblox and draws on the iPad.

December 25, 2022

Worth the money

Exactly what I expected