Naruto Box Set 1 Volumes 1-27 by Masashi Kishimoto


Benny Baldovino
April 12, 2023

Awesome set!

Can't wait to read them! They also look really good along with the rest of the set!

October 21, 2022

Fast shipping bad wrapping

Came fast and all the manga is good But the seller did not wrap it properly and the box has little damage in the corners But it’s still was a good price and fast shipping

October 7, 2022

Todo perfecto

June 24, 2021

good condition !

the box it was shipped in arrived ripped from the corner and the box sets corner is damaged due to that but the manga itself is in great condition ! got all volumes and the poster + shinobi guide ! overall, still very happy with my purchase

June 12, 2021

didn’t come with the booklet or poster

the thing i was most scared about when receiving my package was getting 2 of the same volumes like many people who reviewed said they did, but in the end i ended up missing the booklet and poster. i still gave this 4 starts because in the end what really matters is the manga, but it would’ve been nice to have the poster as well. i still recommend buying this box set ! just hope you guys end up with the poster and booklet

Tyler Moulder
March 15, 2021


Came fast and in good condition, if you break it down mathematically this is the best deal put their for the first set. Most book stores sell each manga at 10.99 and if you × that by the amount of books in the box set you wpuld quickly realise it would be a lot more than what you're paying for on amazon, plus on the back of the box set itself it has a price listed for you, if you bought it in stores, and it's still a little over 200, Amazon has the best price I've seen anywhere, and that's why it gets 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Veda K. Jackson
March 25, 2016

He was totally delighted. We are both Naruto fans and have been ...

I bought this for my son's birthday. He was totally delighted. We are both Naruto fans and have been watching the TV series since it began. We started collecting the DVD box sets even before the show stopped airing in the U.S, but were never able to find the early manga editions, so this box set one was a welcome find. Since the show is no longer airing on U.S. TV, the boxsets have been the only way that we can keep up with the TV series. Now that these manga box sets are available, we can get every detail in both formats. This manga box set comes in it's own self contained chest, and it is truly a treasure. I can't wait to give my son box sets two and three. Then our collection will be complete.

August 29, 2015

Extremely affordable way to jumpstart your library

I love that these manga box sets are becoming more commonplace, especially for those series with 30+ volumes. Naruto box set #1 is a smart way to start your collection without breaking the bank. Volumes 1-27, or what anime fans know of as "Naruto," comes housed in a cardboard "bookshelf" carrier. The set has two shelves, that are relatively sturdy - having thicker material would have been nice, but the set is already a bit heavy - and also has a handy carrying handle on the top. The set also comes with a two sided poster and a cute shinobi guide, written as if you're an actual Academy student. My only complaint is that ⅓ of the volumes came with tears in the top left corner of the spine. This was also an issue I saw with a few of the volumes in the Ouran box set, so I don't know if it's just one of those weird manufacturing errors that's difficult to avoid. I'm kind of fanatic about the condition of my books so I was miffed that roughly eight of my books were already imperfect, but I think most people wouldn't mind so long as they were in a new, readable condition, which all of the books were.

September 18, 2010

Simple Naruto Box Set Review

The item arrived in about 2 weeks, which is something I would call pretty slow shipping. I don't remember buying anything this heavy though so that might have been a factor. The item weights quite a bit so the top handle is pretty convenient. The corners of the box are damaged which upset me a bit but not enough to not be amazed at the artwork. Oh yeah, the package came sealed in plastic packaging. Now, let's talk about the books themselves. They are, as far as I can see at first glance, in complete mint condition. Absolutely no damage whatsoever. One of them is even in plastic packaging! I received the small poster and ninja handbook which are also in mint condition. Having only paid around $100 for this box, I am very happy. It offers the entire Naruto arc including information about Kakashi in volume 27, my favorite character. Overall, I give this a 4 out of 5 stars because the box is slightly damaged and the shipping was long, but the books are all in mint condition and are amazing. If you love Naruto, you'll love this box set.

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