Magnetic Car Dashboard Phone Holder for All Smartphones


Amelia Falk
May 5, 2023

It’s perfect. !!!

I love it. I will bye another one !

Raul Carbajal
April 23, 2023



April 14, 2023

Nice but the glue wear fast

Product is nice. The double tape glue gave up in March. 3months after installing it. I suspect that will last even less when hot months are coming. Be sure to buy extra 3M double tape

March 29, 2023


The product is wonderful I am waiting on a new case to try it out with the new phone.

March 3, 2023

Slight issues staying on

It can hold my heavy phone -- phone is heavy due to a heavy charging case -- but the stand will slowly lean forward. Now, i cleaned the surface before placing it and, once placed, I didn't attach anything to the stand for a full 24 hours so it could set, and it still falls over... I have to push it down and not use it for hours at a time before I can use it again or it'll lean over everytime.

Echha T.
March 1, 2023

Good Product

The product was ok, worked as intended.

February 22, 2023

Magnet is strong

I really like this product. It holds my phone and it can swivel just where I like it. I found it seems to pull on the base if it sits on it too long but I only put it on when I need it so I'm very happy.

Dennis Conners
February 8, 2023

let them know how tight it is

not sure how it will work in the summer heat, phone is heavy may cause it to let go or drop, we will see